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Acting NLRB General Counsel Proposes More Regional Office Consolidations

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By Edwin S. Hopson

NLRB Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon has just announced that he is considering yet another reorganization of NLRB Regional offices as part of the ongoing effort to restructure field operations in light of new technologies and changing patterns of case loads.

Under the plan, Regional Office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Region 30) would become a Subregion of the Minneapolis, Minnesota Region (Region 18), with the Regional Director being located in Minneapolis. The Des Moines, Iowa Resident Office would continue to be assigned to the Minneapolis Region.  The San Juan Regional Office (Region 24) would become a Subregion of the Tampa, Florida Region (Region 12), with the Regional Director located in Tampa.  The Miami and Jacksonville, Florida offices would continue to be assigned to the Tampa Region.  Solomon stated in a press release that no offices will actually be closed under the proposed reorganization. 

According to Solomon, the proposed reorganizations came about in light of the planned retirements of Milwaukee Regional Director Irv Gottschalk, and San Juan Regional Director Marta Figueroa.  Assuming the plan is approved, the proposed reorganization would occur shortly after the effective date of retirement date of the Director in the office that would become a Subregional office.

In his press release, Solomon stated he would thoroughly consider input from Agency staff, from external stakeholders, including practitioners, members of the management-labor relations community, and Members of Congress, before making a final proposal to the Board.  Any feedback regarding the proposed restructuring should be submitted to Associate General Counsel Anne Purcell in the Division of Operations-Management at feedback@nlrb.gov or mailed to her at the National Labor Relations Board, Division of Operations-Management, 1099 14th Street NW; Suite 10206, Washington DC 20570. Comments should be submitted by April 22, 2013.

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